I check for SEO & CRO upside, unnatural link profiles and keyword dependencies


A Fast Due Diligence Service for Buy It Now Investors

As a website flipper I've personally looked at hundreds of web deals. I have developed an ability to quickly analyse a content site for search traffic and conversion upside. Unless you simply want to cashflow a website, there needs to be upside to be able to compound returns and be able to flip. 

In terms of risks, I analyze backlink profiles and look for keyword dependencies. I've been burned in a deal in the past where a seller had used and removed PBN (private blog network) links which tanked the site after purchase. From this experience I've learned how to better evaluate a link profile to best reduce the risk. I also check to see if the majority of the site's traffic is dependent on ranking on page 1 for a small number of big keywords or just a handful of pages which is a risk.

I offer a low cost monthly service for $200/m (cancel at any time) where investors can send through as many deals as they want me to look at and ask me any questions via email or IM on skype. I will get back with a report within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Richard Patey, Host of the Flipping Websites Podcast and Facebook Group