Freedom Flipping Podcast Ep 19 – Dan Faggella from

On this episode I talk with Dan Faggella from who had a 7 figure exit from his ecommere business.

We discussed…

Dan used his ecommerce business to fund his bigger ideas around AI, transhumanism and artificial sentience. 

He needed a location independent revenue stream to move onto his life’s purpose helping to make the arms race of intelligence as non-confrontational as possible. He shares Elon Musk’s views that a merger with machines is inevitable.

We talk about the impact of AI on the future or work and (the end of) jobs as well as marketing (the link he mentioned).

Dan started his online business sending traffic from youtube videos to an optin page and then launching a digital training product. He then scaled traffic and revenue up to 7 figures through guest posts and affiliates.

His strategy with affiliates was very smart in terms of giving them the majority of the product price as commission in order to build a big email list (of customers who paid to be on it) and to nurture great relationships with people with large audiences.

Initially, traffic was to build the list, opting in for a whitepaper etc, but then it was to a low cost tripwire product.

Then to get the business to over $2MM in revenue and into the inc 5000 he used paid email (solo ads) where he found email list brokers in relevant niches and he purchased email blast promotions.

Final words

He sold the business as soon as he could get the paperwork banks needed the buyer to have in order to get an SBA loan.

Dan got a great write up on selling his biz for 7 figures in Forbes through QuietLight Brokerage.

Best place to find Dan is at @danfaggella