Ep 29 Greg Elfrink on the State of the Industry

On this episode I talk with Greg Elfrink who is the Director of Marketing for Empire Flippers on their 2019’s State of the Industry Report based on actual raw sales data unlike other reports.


Findings from the State of the (Content Site) Industry

  • Empire Flippers have done the most deals including content site deals of any broker
  • EF sales volume has doubled in a year as seen on EmpireFlippers – this is due to getting into selling more 7 figure deals as well as refining their machine
Empire Flippers sales volume scoreboard
  • EF does not do off-market deals – everyone gets the same start when deals go on the market every Monday. Greg feel this is more fair to loyal buyers.
  • EF are dealing with addbacks in a really innovative way with content – when a content site lists which has had growth spending on content, this is not treated as an expense and won’t affect profit (whereas ongoing content would be an expense).
  • In 2017 the average number of days on the market with EF was 39 days; in 2018 it was 22 days
  • Quick wins for new content site buyers – put ads on your amazon associate site and vice versa

My favourite quote from the report in framing yourself as a media company:

The majority of people in this space think in terms of “niche sites” and “authority sites”. While these terms are fine, they are also limiting in the scope of what your content business can become. It is far more powerful to pivot your mindset slightly to consider your content site as a mini-media company.

When you view your business as a media company, you will make a thousand-minute decisions that will position your site in a more authoritative way that builds more trust and ultimately earn more income over the long haul.

p 26 https://info.empireflippers.com/industry-report

Shout out to Mediavine.com who built their own large content site TheHollywoodGossip before building out their own ad network.

We talk about investing outside of websites, shout out to this episode of Invest Like A Boss.

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