Ep 27 – Pateycast #3

On this episode I talk with myself – yes it’s another Pateycast.


Discussed on the show

Facebook Group growing well, now over 600 members and have partnered up with Empire Flippers who are dominating the content site market.

Join the group to get access to a special listing URL where you can save yourself the $297 listing fee if considering selling your website.

The different ways brokerages do deals.

I’ve sold through both FE International and Empire where FEI has a LOI / APA process which I feel can favor the buyer as limits who can make it through to LOI due diligence process.

Whereas Empire simply has a buy now button on their marketplace where at any point a buyer can come in, transfer money and take down the listing.

With brokers you need to ask yourself who do they represent.

If you’re a seller and you sign a seller agreement then you would think they have your best interests at heart as that’s who the contract is with however there is always a chance you may not be getting all or even the best offers sent through to you if a broker favours an individual they have done business with in the past.

On the flip side, Digital Acquisitions actually has an innovative buyer rep programme where they work with buyers to find deals according to their avatar and don’t charge a fee to the seller.

This removes any conflict as it’s up to the buyer to say yes or no to a potential deal.

My website due diligence process

How I source off-market deals using Ahrefs and Hunter.io

I’ve been continuing to focus on partnering up with investors as the operator where we purchase sites to flip and split the upside.

Most of my investor deal flow is from individuals who have not purchase a website before rather than already having a site they want managed.

As such I’m now working with a number of investors on a monthly retainer where I source and do due diligence on content sites to purchase which I end up operating.

Interests are aligned as I will not recommend a site that looks too risky in terms of the type of keywords targeting or backlink profile, and I will only recommend a site where there is enough upside with SEO and CRO to flip. 

How I’m no longer trying to build a team, I’m leveraging other people’s teams such as Human Proof Designs and focussing on becoming the best at site structure, content audits, keyword cannibalisation and google index optimisation which is what I now offer as productised consulting.

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