Flipping Websites Podcast Episode 2

Welcome to the 2nd episode of the Freedom Flipping Podcast where we’re about building and selling online businesses to achieve financial freedom.

This is a solo episode aka Pateycast ha.

Already done

  • Going through the process of listing one of my authority sites on empireflippers.com
  • Created an actual homepage built in leadpages (click to find out why I trust leadpages) rather than just a blog index (which did look nice but was terrible for user journey / conversions).
  • Created a new sign up offer on the homepage for free access to the Bootstrappers Vault – best content and strategies for bootstrapping your freelance, productized service or authority site. 77 people have already joined up and if you’re not one of them yet here’s the link (it’s free).
  • Changed the name and doubling down on the Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs facebook group – aiming to get this to 1000 members asap.
  • Installed Drift for live chat on my site – engagement helps build a community and figure out what to write about next, plus improves time on site which helps with rankings.



Next steps

  • Cut down on my software subscriptions – over $700/m
  • Do more content outreach i.e. link building to boost the authority of my authority sites
  • Stick to my job title and calendar