Freedom Flipping Podcast Ep 21 – Justin Gilchrist from Optimum Feedback

On this episode, I talk with Justin Gilchrist from Optimum Feedback.


What we discus

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Justin started Centurica back in 2012/13 with Bryan O’Neil (who is now over at the online website brokerage, along with co-founder Kaspars Peksens, as they saw a need to protect people from fraud from unethical sellers who were misrepresenting their sites.

Bryan was the original founder of FE International with Thomas who left to start Centurica. Justin & Joe set up Empire Flippers (then Adsense Flippers) around that time too.

Bryan contacted Justin to help start Centurica to systemize due diligence.

He built sites for them but found that they expected traffic to just turn up and did not know how to scale.

He reached out to one of the companies he built the site for and bought the site back of them. He added new content to top performing pages and built links (which was much easier back then) and ended up with a portfolio of profitable sites.

We discuss how SaaS companies consider their asset price in terms of multiple of revenue rather than profit and ask for insane valuations.

After Justin sold Centurica he also sold all of his portfolio sites apart from a supplement e-commerce site for cashflow, in order to focus on his SaaS Optimum Feedback.

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