Website Operators

Complete the form below if you’re looking to have your website completely managed and grown for you. The Website Operator Service enables you as the investor to achieve passive income from your website acquisition.

Operators will run and grow your wordpress content site by performing the following actions:

  • Content Optimization & Pruning
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Content creation
  • Link building
  • Page-level revenue optimization (CRO)
  • Improving monetization and funnels
  • WordPress Maintenance
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The Flipping Websites Operator Model

Below is how we structure our deals for sites to be flipped. Instead if you want to cashflow your site with minimum operational cost, we can refer you to suitable partners that can generate 30%+ yields for you.

  • Investor receives 1/3 of revenue every month
  • Operator receives 1/3 revenue every month to cover their time and their VAs time
  • The remaining 1/3 of site revenue covers expenditure (hosting, software etc) and the rest gets reinvested into content and links for growth
  • When the asset is flipped, or you part ways, the operator receives 50% of the upside over the purchase price

The minimum content site revenue we work with is $3k/m. In this example we would each receive $1k/m and reinvest $1k/m.

The aim is for the operator to 2-3x the asset before flipping.

If the site is bought at a 30x monthly profit multiple (40% yield), after the operator doubles the asset, investors would receive 26% yield; after tripling the asset value, it will achieve the 40% yield for both the investor and operator.

Investors maintain 100% ownership of the asset and can choose to cancel the agreement and take control of operations by paying 50% of the upside generated over a 6 month period out of the cashflow.