Website Operator Partnership

I help website investors to buy, scale and flip websites by being their operating partner.

I’ve been building up and selling content websites since 2012. These sites have been predominantly monetized through affiliate commissions as well as dropshipping. They have all been focussed on organic traffic from google.

I’ve personally built and sold six figure websites (asset price) through online brokerages such as FE International and Empire Flippers.

This is a site I built from scratch and sold for $50k, was brought back in by the buyer to operate the business and together we flipped for $100k a year later >>

Now I leverage my skill set by working with investors who are looking to deploy capital in websites to benefit from the high yields as well as be able to exit for far higher asset prices.

My Skillset

I am expert in:

  • Content site structure (category hubs for head terms)
  • On-page SEO
  • Crawl optimization (google index)
  • Content creation & outsourcing
  • Link building strategies & outsourcing
  • Page-level revenue optimization (CRO)

I have subscriptions to the best SEO tools such as an advanced plan of Ahrefs.


I partner with investors who are looking to purchase or have purchased content sites of between $50k – $150k of annual seller discretionary earnings and need someone to manage and grow the business. The content sites need to be powered by WordPress.

1/3 of the management fee listed below is paid directly to a wordpress staging business that keeps the site updated and fixes anything that breaks and optimizes for speed which is a ranking factor. Your site will need to be moved to an advanced staging environment on google cloud hosting to ensure optimal performance. This means we will never have to update the live site again, instead we update a staging site and push live. This protects revenue and rankings and enables me to focus on adding my skill set to increases cashflow and asset value.

Whilst the investor retains 100% ownership and ultimate say, I need to drive the budgeting and P&L.

Deal Structure

I have a simple deal structure and a standarized contract template that reflects this:

Management fee – $1,500/m (kicks off on the first day of the partnership)

50-50 cashflow split above existing cashflow level (baseline)

50-50 sale price split above existing asset price (baseline)

Revenue Example

Site purchased for $150,000 at 30x multiple earning $5k/m for 40% annual yield.

I take the site from $5k/m to $15k/m:

Operator earns: $15,000 – $5,000 (baseline) – $1500 (mgt fee) = $8,500 * 50% = $4,250/m + $1500 = $5,750/m

Investor earns: $15,000 – $5,750 = $9,250/m (74% annual yield)

Sale Example

Site purchased for $150,000 and sold for $450,000

Broker commission 15%

Operator makes: $450,000 * 85% = $382,500 – $150,000 (baseline) = $232,500 * 50% = $116,250 

Investor makes: $450,000 * 85% – $116,250 = $266,250

To give the investor flexibility if we part ways, the 50% upside vests out at 2% per month – i.e. in this example, if site is sold one year after we part ways I would receive 26% net sale proceeds (50% – 24%). If site is sold over two years (25 months) after we part ways then I would not receive any sale proceeds.


If you’re looking to be hands-off with the operations of your web asset, complete the form below.

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Richard Patey