Ep 28 – Zach Zorn of MoneyNomad.com

On this episode I talk with Zach Zorn from MoneyNomad.


Discussed on this show

  • Zach is a diversified investor generally, but as he’s been getting more involved in the website space he’s been seeing such great returns and is focussed on helping others achieve success
  • Zach purchased a website on Empire Flippers before having much experience but a massive willing to learn what’s required – his interview with Spencer on the Niche Pursuits podcast
  • Zach bought a site that was listed at $60k for $49k and flipped it for $75k and made $13k in commissions plus free products that companies would send him to review, as was a review website. He wrote a blog post about the experience here.
  • Zach is always online at 7am PST on Mondays when Empire Flippers publish new listings but also when he stumbles across an interesting blog that he thinks is underperforming he will send an email asking if they are interested in selling his site and gets a 20% response rate. He actually bought MoneyNomad as a private sale reaching out directly to the seller and using escrow.com putting the assets within the escrow terms.
  • He would like to acquire more sites but his concern is that it would take away focus from Money Nomad. He would like to build a team to enable him to manage more sites.
  • Mention Rhodium Weekend by Chris Yates
  • Zach’s backlinking strategy is mainly guest posts on big sites (above DR25) by delivering great content; also does some broken link building. Zach manually sends highly personalised outreach emails.
  • Check out Zach’s buyer’s checklist here. We talk about multiples and the minimum amount of time required to flip.
  • I bring up comparing sites using RPM – revenue per thousand impressions where on Empire Flippers marketplace you divide monthly profit by the traffic/1000. Most Amazon affiliate sites are in the range of $100-300 RPM
  • We talk about being website operators for investors and then discuss investing outside websites, cars and also this guy… 🙂

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