Website Acquisition Service

I help website investors to acquire websites that are run by vetted operators to achieve passive income. This enables websites to be purchased as passive managed assets, either to cashflow within a portfolio or to build up to flip. My personal backstory of building, selling and flipping sites is here.

I work with investors with a one-off engagement fee of $2500 which covers up to six months:

  • Helping to source relevant deals based on an Acquisition Avatar. 
  • Unlimited due diligence on deals that we find including taking calls with the seller
  • Assisting with the purchase including negotiation (I will likely save you more than the service cost)
  • Helping with site migration and the inspection period
  • Matching with a vetted website operator and supporting them through the partnership

I can also refer to third parties that can acquire off-market deals.

Website Operators

I have a vetted pool of successful website operators who have either bought, built or sold profitable sites and are expert in:

  • Implementing Content Site Audits
  • On-page SEO
  • Crawl optimization (google index)
  • Content creation & outsourcing
  • Link building strategies & outsourcing
  • Page-level revenue optimization (CRO)

If you have already purchased your website I can just match you with an operator for a one-off fee of $500 which includes a consultancy call with myself and an onboarding call with you and the operator.

Deal Structure Example

Website operators either work on a monthly management fee of $500/m plus 50% of cashflow upside and exit upside.

Management fee – $500/m

50-50 cashflow split above existing cashflow level (baseline)

50-50 sale price split above existing asset price (baseline)

Revenue Example

Site purchased for $150,000 at 30x multiple earning $5k/m for 40% annual yield. Operator takes the site from $5k/m to $15k/m:

Operator earns: $15,000 – $5,000 (baseline) – $500 (mgt fee) = $9,500 * 50% = $4,750/m + $500 = $5,250/m

Investor earns: $15,000 – $5,250 = $9,750/m (78% annual yield)

Sale Example

Site purchased for $150,000 and sold for $450,000

Broker commission 15%

Operator makes: $450,000 * 85% = $382,500 – $150,000 (baseline) = $232,500 * 50% = $116,250 

Investor makes: $450,000 * 85% – $116,250 = $266,250


If you’re looking to be hands-off with the operations of your web asset, complete the form below.


Richard Patey