How much can you make from flipping websites?

I get asked a lot “how much do people make flipping websites”?

The answer is it depends.

If you are the operator, either as the owner or partnering with the owner / investor, and have the skill set, you can improve revenue through increasing traffic or improving funnel conversions.

So let’s see how much can you make from flipping websites using a concrete example:

Monthly multiples are currently around 30x net profit, so if you buy a site that is earning $1k/m from search traffic and double the amount of traffic from SEO (such as say reducing keyword cannibalzation) then, assuming the same conversion rate, you have taken the asset value from $30k to $60k.

That’s a 100% increase or 2x.

Then if you can double the conversion rate from say 5% of people clicking through to an amazon associate link to 10% (such as by adding a comparison table at the start of the post) and they convert the same on Amazon, you have again doubled the asset value from $60k to now $120k.

That’s a 300% increase or 4x.

Wait for an increased 6 month average and then list on somewhere such as Empire Flippers for $120k.

You potentially just made $90k from half a days work on SEO and CRO – a pretty good hourly rate but you have to have the skills to do this yourself or have both the understanding and cashflow to pay for experts to do this.

Richard Patey