Freedom Flipping Podcast Ep 17 – Matt Diggity from

On this episode I talk with Matt Diggity from


Matt has a portfolio of over 20 sites that he flips and is also the co-founder of Leadspring which is a partnership for people with sites who are stuck in the rankings or have had income start to flatline.

Introduction to Diggity links

Ideal partners are affiliate sites with a high ceiling niche that can make five and six figures a month to go for big flips. He also has Diggity Links, an application only PBN service.

Matt got his start with websites after reading the Four Hour Work Week and going to a local meetup where people there were ranking affiliate sites as their passive income ‘muse’.

He started with adsense and then moved to amazon affiliate soon after they launched their associate’s program as well as a bit of client work.

Matt, like me, views holding website portfolios for the long term as risky in terms of being dependent on either google who can tank your site or Amazon associates who can ban your account.

As such he started liquidating sites and refocussing to only build up real assets that can be sold vs building up passive income.

For backlinks, the number one off-site ranking factor, PBNs are his primary tool in his toolbox. PBNs are part of his beginning backlink strategy before building genuine links and removing the PBN ones as it just gets the better result.

I know there is this big hypthecial battle between black hat SEOs and white hat SEOs but the real losers in this situation are the people who just stick to one of them; the combination of the two are incredible

We talk about investing outside of online assets, Matt is into real estate and I try and convince him to get into crypto. Shout out to Clay Collin’s new startup

Matt has a Chiang Mai SEO Conference coming up November 3rd with some awesome speakers and an Empire Flippers VIP after-party option – check it out >>