Ep 33 – Mark Whitman from Contentellect

On this episode of the pod I spoke with Mark Whitman from Contentellect, a content agency that specializes in affiliate site content which I have used previously and got great results with.


Mark’s main business is Bluedot Ventures which is based out of Guernsey.

Bluedot owns a portfolio of content websites and has built a decent sized team of freelancers based out of South Africa (where Mark is originally from and where his business partner Marc is based) and Content Ellect grew organically out of the content capacity they built in-house.

With their content sites, they have amazon associate sites as well as lead gen, mainly into travel operators.

They also have FBA and dropshipping sites with organic search the main traffic source across all sites. Mark, like myself, prefers not partner with the goliath that is Amazon in terms of affiliate.

How did it all start

Mark’s journey, like a lot of us, me included, started with the Four Hour Work Week. Mark’s first success was a viral driven site in the golf niche that he sold through Empire Flippers back in 2013.

Then he had some success with Amazon FBA but got out thinking was late to the game but has gone back in the last 18 months where it’s now far more challenging than 7-6 years ago.

Content site portfolio mainly built from scratch but purchasing in the last few years. When buying, looking to improve and then sell.

He has a small portfolio fund that he reinvests into sites, most deals $10-$30k where can squeeze out upside with his skill set and then looking for a 2-3x improvement, ideally through content as he has a content machine behind him, as well as on-page improvements and CRO.

Off-page is very limited.

Mark tries to focus on 10-12 sites within the portfolio, finding it harder to manager more. They train new content staff at Content Ellect by training them on their own portfolio of sites.

Mark looks to cover a topic in its entirety with sites, which can mean creating a lot of content that doesn’t directly contribute to the bottom line.

For a current site he’s acquired with 20-30 articles, he’s looking to add 40-60 articles. They also offer guest posting outreach service with 350-400 sites that supports their content offering.

They have set up a coupon code FlippingWebsites for 10% off lifetime discount for their Contentellect content.

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