Ep 34 – Tommy Griffith from Clickminded.com

On today’s episode, brought to you by Alpha Investors, I talk with Tommy Griffith from Clickminded.com about his days managing SEO at Airbnb and Paypal and lessons for content site owners.

Discussed on this episode

Tommy read the Four Hour Work Week and started a business with a friend which didn’t go well and he put himself in debt.

Once he got a corporate job at Paypal he launched Clickminded to help pay off the debt.

In a similar way to myself, he tried every type of business model but he made the decision to drop everything else and focuss 100% on Clickminded and he believes it would never have worked otherwise.

We talk about when to take the focus off traffic and into dialing down on bottom of funnel and how important it is to be able to value an email address in order to scale with your own product.

We discuss his days managing SEO at Airbnb and how we built and structured his SEO team.

I found it surprising that it was almost all technical SEO, such as improving internal linking and page speed and Tommy discusses how he saw a big uplift by deleting pages (content pruning).

We talk about the future of online training courses and the innovative Clickminded SOP library.

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