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Episode 35: Adam Smith from buyandrank.com

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Ep 35 – Adam Smith from buyandrank.com

On today’s episode, brought to you by Alpha Investors, I talk with Adam Smith from buyandrank.com about his content-led approach to flipping websites that has enabled him to turn a $350/m site into over $6k/m within 9 months. Adam lives …

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Tommy Griffith

Ep 34 – Tommy Griffith from Clickminded.com

On today’s episode, brought to you by Alpha Investors, I talk with Tommy Griffith from Clickminded.com about his days managing SEO at Airbnb and Paypal and lessons for content site owners. Discussed on this episode Tommy read the Four Hour …

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Mark Whitman Podcast

Ep 33 – Mark Whitman from Contentellect

On this episode of the pod I spoke with Mark Whitman from Contentellect, a content agency that specializes in affiliate site content which I have used previously and got great results with.   Mark’s main business is Bluedot Ventures which …

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Mad Singers Podcast

Ep 32 – Mads Singers

Mads Singers has an outsourcing business where he works primarily with SEO and ecommerce businesses. He has run a few ecommerce stores himself and has worked with Empire Flippers.   He’s given his own VAs (who he outsources full-time into …

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